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Virtual Services

Strawberry Medicine Counselling Inc. is a mental health counselling service dedicated to improving the wellbeing of Indigenous people and their communities. We provide culturally sensitive and trauma-informed counselling and support to those who need it. We are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment for our clients, and to providing them with the tools and resources to help them heal and rebuild their mental health. Our experienced counsellors draw from a variety of Indigenous traditions to offer holistic and compassionate support.

Our virtual services include:

Two Eyed Seeing Counselling Services

Two-Eyed Seeing is taking the best of global knowledge systems with the best of Indigenous knowledge systems and bringing them together to best serve All Our Relations. It is through bridging these knowledge systems that we find answers to issues faced in an evolving cultural space.

Our Registered Clinical Counsellors facilitate counselling as ceremony and hold space for your healing of Spirit, Mind, and Body.
We work from an Indigenous perspective and have studied many knowledge systems of wellness. We have combed through and bundled together these knowledge systems of Spirit, Mind, and Body and braided them together to offer this medicine bundle to All Our Relations seeking balance and connection.

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Counselling as Ceremony

Spirit, Mind, and Body

Stephanie uses plant medicines and ceremonial practices to hold a healing space for your healing journey. 

Services are offered virtually over video or phone sessions

Services are $150+GST per hour billed in 15-minute increments. 

Stephanie is currently accepting new clients.


Accepting New Clients

We have many Indigenous Mental Health Clinicians available to be of service to you. 

Three ways to book online:

First Nation Funding Contracts

First Nations members of the below Bands/Nations can access priority counselling services.

  • Tl'azt'en Nation

  • Nisga'a Valley Health Authority

Please book an "Individual Counselling" session and note which nation you are a member of.

If you are an organization that would like to contract Strawberry Medicine Counselling for Individual Counselling Services, please contact us

Extended Health Benefits

Many extended health plans cover Registered Clinical Counsellors and Canadian Certified Counsellors (RCC/CCC). Check with your insurance provider what your yearly claimable limit is and if there is a cap on each individual session. 

On request, we can provide an itemized receipt that you may send to your insurance provider for reimbursement. By default, clients receive an automated credit card receipt which may or may not be accepted by insurance providers.

The following plans are known to cover some or all of counselling provided by RCCs and CCCs:

If you find that RCC or CCC visits are not covered under your plan, you may contact your employer, Human Resources Department, or insurance company to request a small change to the plans coverage. 

To help, we have provided a document with the information you will need to put into your letter when making this request.

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