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Online Self-Directed Programs

Reclaim Your Power. Reclaim Your Authenticity.

  • At Strawberry Medicine Counselling Inc., we are proud to offer our clients a unique approach to mental health counselling that combines both clinical counselling and traditional Indigenous knowledge systems. Our self-paced online programs provide a safe and supportive environment for our clients to work through their mental health challenges at their own pace. We strive to support our clients with a compassionate and holistic approach to mental health.
  • All of our Programs are now offered on an online platform call Podia and can be accessed here.


No available programs

Upcoming Programs

We must open our hearts and start taking care of one another.

Helping Hand Badge

Nzih Ustah *I Am By Your Side* 

Coming Spring 2023

Workshop is Mental Health First Aid Training to give people the knowledge to hold space for their loved ones who are going through a hard time. Indigenous people will often seek out support from their family members before turning to professionals so we created this program to braid together Indigenous Knowledge with some basic Counselling Skills so people know what holding space looks like without the burden of "taking it on". Workshops dates are to be announced in the Spring of 2023. 

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Becoming Ancestors

Grief Support

This workshop focuses on sharing grief teachings from the Strawberry and braiding them together with grief therapy.

This program also guides through moon phase rituals to process grief:

  • Full Moon: Feeling & Releasing

  • Waxing Moon: Continuing bonds through forgiveness

  • New Moon: Continuing on my Souls Journey

  • Waning Moon: Gifts from my Beloved

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