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Stephanie Erickson is a Dakelh rising matriarch from Tl'azt'en Nation and is of the Lusilyoo (frog clan) and is therefore bestowed by the Creator as a protector of water. Stephanie is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with BC Association of Clinical Counsellors as well as a Canadian Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Stephanie is the founder of Strawberry Medicine Counselling and specializes in working with First Nations people across Turtle Island in healing trauma, processing grief, and unearthing the truth of who they are. Stephanie continues to provide workshops for individuals, professionals, and organizations.




Included in the Digital Download:

  1. Strawberry Medicine Teachings presents a unique process for how bereaved individuals can move through their grief and embrace it as an energetically alive and heart opening experience. Grief is our final expression of love. Grief is energetically alive and different from the collapsed state of depression. Grief is foundational to our healing journeys because it is the first feeling that splits off from ourselves as young children when we realize our caregivers are incapable of meeting our needs. This book was created to give people who struggle to grieve a pathway forward.
  2. Ceremonies and rituals: why these practices are important for our sense of connection and belonging. Full Moon Ritual: Feeling the depth of our grief. Waning Moon Ritual: how forgiveness affects the everlasting bonds between us and those who passed on. New Moon Ritual: Embracing the new life after the death of a loved one. Waxing Moon Ritual: Accepting the gifts from our beloved. Burning Ritual. Everyday grief rituals.
  3. 30 Day Planner is the perfect tool for grief healing, self love and planning. This planner guides you through 30 days of honouring where you are at in your grief journey, as you learn to come to terms with loss and begin to heal. With daily tasks and prompts, this planner will help you to honor your ancestors and move forward with love and purpose. Through reflection, writing, and planning, you will be able to develop a sense of self-love and connection with your ancestors.

Strawberry Medicine Grief Healing

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